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1st Annual Midwest Updates in Sleep Medicine

September 5 – 6, 2003

Faculty and topics for the first conference included:

Brian H. Foresman, D.O. Understanding narcolepsy: A review of recent advances
Thomas Roth, Ph.D. Determinants and consequences of sleepiness
Mark Heims Sanders, M.D. Sleep in patients with COPD
John W. Shepard, Jr., M.D. Regulating rhythms on a rotating rock
John Winkleman, M.D., Ph.D. Update on restless legs syndrome and periodic leg 
movements of sleep
William J. Wiseman, M.D. Insomnia symptom or syndrome?
Joseph Ojile, M.D. Course director
George M. Matuschak, M.D. Course director

Continuing Medical Education

The 1st Annual Midwest Updates in Sleep Medicine provided 6.0 units of accredited continuing education for physicians, physician's assistants, nurse practioners, registered nurses, respiratory therapists and polysomnographic tenhnologists.

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