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Mark S. Aloia, Ph.D.

Mark Aloia is Associate Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver and Senior Director of Global Clinical Research for Philips Healthcare. He has also been on the faculty at the University of Rochester and at Brown University. Dr. Aloia has studied adherence to Positive Airway Pressure therapy for the past 15 years and has made significant contributions to the field by applying behavioral approaches designed to improve adherence. He maintains NIH funding through his academic work, with over $10M in funding to study adherence to PAP. He serves as an NIH grant reviewer and has published over 40 scientific papers in high quality journals. Dr. Aloia is also on the Editorial Boards of the journals Sleep, Health Psychology, and Behavioral Sleep Medicine.

His role with Philips came as a part of an acquisition of Respironics, Inc. in 2007. His team of researchers at Philips conducts over 100 clinical trials per year including regulatory trials, post-market studies, preference trials, and trials with academic partners. He has faced the challenge of conducting highly scientific clinical trials within the rapidly changing and time-constrained business environment.

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